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Inspired by the Silence

By Jon M. Christenson
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Isbn : 1450007724
  • Pages : 120
  • Category : Poetry
  • Reads : 462
  • File Pdf: inspired.pdf

Book Summary:

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Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct

By Donald Boisvert,Robert Goss
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1136574395
  • Pages : 286
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Reads : 774
  • File Pdf: gay-catholic-priests-and-clerical-sexual-misconduct.pdf

Book Summary:

“Why did it take 30 years for American bishops to listen to the victims of Catholic clerical abuse?” Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct: Breaking the Silence is a compelling indictment of Roman Catholic teachings on homosexuality and sexuality. Inspired by The Silence of Sodom: Homosexuality in Modern Catholicism, Mark Jordan’s controversial examination of homoeroticism in American Catholic culture, this groundbreaking book examines how the current crisis of clerical abuse affects and stigmatizes gay priests living in a climate of hysteria and condemnation. The book’s contributors, an eclectic mix of scholars and clerics, question whether the church can survive centuries of secrets and scandals. In the wake of very real concerns about a possible inquisition launched by the Catholic Church against its gay members, Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct continues the efforts of the Gay Men’s Issues in Religion Group of the American Academy of Religion to honor the work of Mark Jordan, who contributes his thoughts on the issues raised by the book. A panel of former Jesuits, a former seminarian with the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, a Dominican, a Franciscan, and several feminist authors present different perspectives on gay priests, clerical/ecclesial misogyny, games of power and abuse, and religious scapegoating, writing with eloquence and pain, a great deal of pride, and a touch of justifiable divine righteousness. Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct includes:“Celibate Men, Ambivalent Saints, and Games of Desire”, “A Call to Liberation of Gay Catholic Clergy”, “Speaking Loud or Shutting Up: The Homosexual-type Problem”, “Those Troubling Gay Priests”, “Catholicism and a Crisis of Intimate Relations” and much more! Gay Catholic Priests and Clerical Sexual Misconduct: Breaking the Silence is an invaluable resource for academics, members of the clergy, seminarians, chaplains and counselors, and anyone interested in homosexuality and religion.

Organic Cinema

By Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • Isbn : 1785335677
  • Pages : 238
  • Category : Performing Arts
  • Reads : 742
  • File Pdf: organic-cinema.pdf

Book Summary:

The “organic” is by now a venerable concept within aesthetics, architecture, and art history, but what might such a term mean within the spatialities and temporalities of film? By way of an answer, this concise and innovative study locates organicity in the work of Béla Tarr, the renowned Hungarian filmmaker and pioneer of the “slow cinema” movement. Through a wholly original analysis of the long take and other signature features of Tarr’s work, author Thorsten Botz-Bornstein establishes compelling links between the seemingly remote spheres of film and architecture, revealing shared organic principles that emphasize the transcendence of boundaries.

The Silence of the Lambs

By Thomas Harris
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Isbn : 1429957654
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 382
  • File Pdf: the-silence-of-the-lambs.pdf

Book Summary:

A serial murderer known only by a grotesquely apt nickname--Buffalo Bill--is stalking women. He has a purpose, but no one can fathom it, for the bodies are discovered in different states. Clarice Starling, a young trainee at the FBI Academy, is surprised to be summoned by Jack Crawford, chief of the Bureau's Behavioral Science section. Her assignment: to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter--Hannibal the Cannibal--who is kept under close watch in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Dr. Lecter is a former psychiatrist with a grisly history, unusual tastes, and an intense curiosity about the darker corners of the mind. His intimate understanding of the killer and of Clarice herself form the core of Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs--and ingenious, masterfully written book and an unforgettable classic of suspense fiction.

Weird Tales of Modernity

By Jason Ray Carney
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Isbn : 1476636141
  • Pages : 205
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 244
  • File Pdf: weird-tales-of-modernity.pdf

Book Summary:

 Serious literary artists such as T.S. Eliot, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf loom large in most accounts of the literary art of the first half of the 20th century. And yet, working in the shadows cast by these modernists were science fiction, horror and fantasy writers like the "Weird Tales Three": H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard. They did not publish in artistically ambitious magazines like Dial, The Smart Set and The Little Review but instead in commercial pulp magazines like Weird Tales. Contrary to the stereotypes about pulp fiction and those who wrote it, these three were serious literary artists who used their fiction to speculate about such philosophical questions as the function of art and the brevity of life.

Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age

By Linda Ioanna Kouvaras
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 131710384X
  • Pages : 288
  • Category : Music
  • Reads : 852
  • File Pdf: loading-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

The experimentalist phenomenon of 'noise' as constituting 'art' in much twentieth-century music (paradoxically) reached its zenith in Cage’s (’silent’ piece) 4’33 . But much post-1970s musical endeavour with an experimentalist telos, collectively known as 'sound art', has displayed a postmodern need to ’load’ modernism’s ’degree zero’. After contextualizing experimentalism from its inception in the early twentieth century, Dr Linda Kouvaras’s Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age explores the ways in which selected sound art works demonstrate creatively how sound is embedded within local, national, gendered and historical environments. Taking Australian music as its primary - but not sole - focus, the book not only covers discussions of technological advancement, but also engages with aesthetic standpoints, through numerous interviews, theoretical developments, analysis and cultural milieux for a contemporary Australian, and wider postmodern, context. Developing new methodologies for synergies between musicology and cultural studies, the book uncovers a new post-postmodern aesthetic trajectory, which Kouvaras locates as developing over the past two decades - the altermodern. Australian sound art is here put firmly on the map of international debates about contemporary music, providing a standard reference and valuable resource for practitioners in the artform, music critics, scholars and educators.

The Silence of the Girls

By Pat Barker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Isbn : 0241983215
  • Pages : 336
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 594
  • File Pdf: the-silence-of-the-girls.pdf

Book Summary:

A GUARDIAN BEST BOOK OF THE 21ST CENTURY 'Chilling, powerful, audacious' The Times 'Magnificent. You are in the hands of a writer at the height of her powers' Evening Standard There was a woman at the heart of the Trojan War whose voice has been silent - until now. Discover the greatest Greek myth of all - retold by the witness that history forgot . . . Briseis was a queen until her city was destroyed. Now she is a slave to the man who butchered her husband and brothers. Trapped in a world defined by men, can she survive to become the author of her own story? PERFECT FOR FANS OF MADELINE MILLER'S CIRCE AND THE SONG OF ACHILLES. *Shortlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction and the Costa Novel Award* Pat Barker continues her extraordinary retelling of one of our greatest myths in The Women of Troy.

After Sound

By G Douglas Barrett
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Isbn : 1501308106
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Music
  • Reads : 363
  • File Pdf: after-sound.pdf

Book Summary:

After Sound considers contemporary art practices that reconceive music beyond the limitation of sound. This book is called After Sound because music and sound are, in Barrett's account, different entities. While musicology and sound art theory alike typically equate music with pure instrumental sound, or absolute music, Barrett posits music as an expanded field of artistic practice encompassing a range of different media and symbolic relationships. The works discussed in After Sound thus use performance, text scores, musical automata, video, social practice, and installation while they articulate a novel aesthetic space for a radically engaged musical practice. Coining the term "critical music," this book examines a diverse collection of art projects which intervene into specific political and philosophical conflicts by exploring music's unique historical forms. Through a series of intimate studies of artworks surveyed from the visual and performing arts of the past ten years-Pussy Riot, Ultra-red, Hong-Kai Wang, Peter Ablinger, Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, and others-After Sound offers a significant revision to the way we think about music. The book as a whole offers a way out of one of the most vexing deadlocks of contemporary cultural criticism: the choice between a sound art effectively divorced from the formal-historical coordinates of musical practice and the hermetic music that dominates new music circles today.

The Voice of the Silence

By H P Blavatsky
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Quest Books
  • Isbn : 083563146X
  • Pages : 135
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 420
  • File Pdf: the-voice-of-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

A facsimile reprint of the 1889 edition exactly the way Blavatsky wrote it, laying out the path of spiritual development. Includes an index and introduction by Boris de Zirkoff.

Transcultural Architecture

By Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1317007980
  • Pages : 224
  • Category : Architecture
  • Reads : 953
  • File Pdf: transcultural-architecture.pdf

Book Summary:

Critical Regionalism is a notion which gained popularity in architectural debate as a synthesis of universal, 'modern' elements and individualistic elements derived from local cultures. This book shifts the focus from Critical Regionalism towards a broader concept of 'Transcultural Architecture' and defines Critical Regionalism as a subgroup of the latter. One of the benefits that this change of perspective brings about is that a large part of the political agenda of Critical Regionalism, which consists of resisting attitudes forged by typically Western experiences, is 'softened' and negotiated according to premises provided by local circumstances. A further benefit is that several responses dependent on factors that initial definitions of Critical Regionalism never took into account can now be considered. At the book’s centre is an analysis of Reima and Raili Pietilä’s Sief Palace Area project in Kuwait. Further cases of modern architecture in China, Korea, and Saudi Arabia show that the critique, which holds that Critical Regionalism is a typical 'western' exercise, is not sound in all circumstances. The book argues that there are different Critical Regionalisms and not all of them impose Western paradigms on non-Western cultures. Non-Western regionalists can also successfully participate in the Western enlightened discourse, even when they do not directly and consciously act against Western models. Furthermore, the book proposes that a certain 'architectural rationality' can be contained in architecture itself - not imposed by outside parameters like aesthetics, comfort, or even tradition, but flowing out of a social game of which architecture is a part. The key concept is that of the 'form of life', as developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose thoughts are here linked to Critical Regionalism. Kenneth Frampton argues that Critical Regionalism offers something well beyond comfort and accommodation. What he has in mind are ethical prescripts closely linked to a

How Stories break the Silence in Toni Morrison's "Beloved"

By Anika Kehl
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : GRIN Verlag
  • Isbn : 3656723990
  • Pages : 20
  • Category : Literary Collections
  • Reads : 570
  • File Pdf: how-stories-break-the-silence-in-toni-morrison-s-beloved.pdf

Book Summary:

Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: 1,7, Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald (Anglistik/Amerikanistik), course: Late 20th Century Novels, language: English, abstract: In Toni Morrison’s "Beloved", it is Sethe, a black woman and a former slave, who tries to find her own identity within herself through stories. She has to go back to the stories of her ancestors and to the memories she has of her life on Sweet Home in order to find out what being free really means. While trying to start a new life she listens to many stories about her past and is confronted with her own stories. In whichever form, told, sung, or danced out in front of her, the stories appear, they mark her, her daughter, and her companion’s identity. This paper argues that stories are the marker of one’s identity. Stories, that are based upon personal experiences and tellings of others, which enter ones mind and never let go are the stories we live by and those we are to tell since “we are all storytellers, and we are the stories we tell”. Furthermore our “[...] identities are the stories we live by”. After giving some background information to the book the paper is going to define the concepts of story, history, memory and identity, which are relevant for the thesis, afterwards it will be analyzed what impact stories can have on the life of a person and various examples from Beloved will be discussed. It will be tried to explain in which form the stories appear and how the characters deal with their life stories. In conclusion, it will be analyzed how the stories, by which Toni Morrison’s characters live, can break the silence.

Lifting the Silence

By Sydney Percival Smith
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dundurn
  • Isbn : 1554887747
  • Pages : 254
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Reads : 541
  • File Pdf: lifting-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

At a time of great sacrifice in Canadian history, we are welcomed into the homes, the hearts, and the minds of mothers, sons, fathers, and friends as we follow Syd Smith and his high-school brotherhood of 13 when they answer the call to duty in 1941. Written with his son, David, Lifting the Silence is also a father-and-son journey of discovery that uncovers a remarkable letter that serves as testament to what still defines Canada today. Postmarked "France August 1946," the fragile letter bares the soul of a people beaten down by cruel times and extols their admiration and gratitude for Canada as a nation of spiritual and economic resources that helped them out so much during the war. Within the letter as well, a heartfelt and strikingly prophetic expression of hope to once again receive the downed pilot they had sheltered in 1942. As if by Providence, this letter now serves to reunite Syd with his angel of the French Resistance 61 years later.

Beware The Silence

By Wilhelm Hauff,Charles Dickens,Mark Twain,Harriet Beecher Stowe,Adelbert von Chamisso,Oscar Wilde,Robert Louis Stevenson,Edgar Allan Poe,William Hope Hodgson,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,John Buchan,Louis Tracy,Bram Stoker,Anatole France,Charlotte Brontë,Emily Brontë,Jack London,Henry James,Théophile Gautier,Arthur Conan Doyle,Richard Le Gallienne,Jane Austen,Ralph Adams Cram,Thomas De Quincey,John Meade Falkner,Guy de Maupassant,Thomas Hardy,William Archer,Daniel Defoe,John Kendrick Bangs,Cleveland Moffett,Brander Matthews,Marie Belloc Lowndes,Horace Walpole,Rudyard Kipling,Lafcadio Hearn,Hugh Walpole,Ambrose Bierce,Frederick Marryat,Ellis Parker Butler,Washington Irving,Leonid Andreyev,David Lindsay,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Grant Allen,Arthur Machen,Wilkie Collins,William Makepeace Thackeray,Thomas Peckett Prest,James Malcolm Rymer,Fergus Hume,Edward Bellamy,Walter Hubbell,Charlotte Perkins Gilman,Leopold Kompert,Richard Marsh,Florence Marryat,Catherine Crowe,John William Polidori,Vincent O'Sullivan,H. G. Wells,Robert W. Chambers,W. W. Jacobs,M. P. Shiel,E. F. Benson,Jerome K. Jerome,M. R. James,E. T. A. Hoffmann,Stanley G. Weinbaum,George W. M. Reynolds,H. P. Lovecraft,Robert E. Howard,Edith Nesbit,Sabine Baring-Gould,William Thomas Beckford,Francis Marion Crawford,Lucy Maud Montgomery,Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Mary Louisa Molesworth,Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,Nikolai Gogol,Mary Shelley,Elizabeth Gaskell,Edward Bulwer-Lytton,Frank R. Stockton,A. T. Quiller-Couch,Ann Radcliffe,Louisa M. Alcott,Amelia B. Edwards,Leonard Kip,Matthew Gregory Lewis,Fitz-James O'Brien,Katherine Rickford,Bithia Mary Croker,Catherine L. Pirkis,Émile Erckmann,Alexandre Chatrian,Pedro De Alarçon,H. H. Munro (Saki),Pliny the Younger,Helena Blavatsky,Villiers de l'Isle Adam,William F. Harvey,Fiona Macleod,William T. Stead,Gambier Bolton,Andrew Jackson Davis,Nizida,Walter F. Prince,Chester Bailey Fernando
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : DigiCat
  • Isbn : EAN:8596547004288
  • Pages : 23189
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Reads : 663
  • File Pdf: beware-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

DigiCat Publishing presents you this meticulously edited horror collection carefully selected gothic classics, greatest supernatural mysteries, ghost stories and macabre tales:_x000D_ Introduction: _x000D_ Supernatural Horror in Literature by H. P. Lovecraft_x000D_ Edgar Allan Poe:_x000D_ The Tell-Tale Heart _x000D_ The Murders in the Rue Morgue..._x000D_ Bram Stoker:_x000D_ Dracula_x000D_ The Jewel of Seven Stars..._x000D_ Mary Shelley:_x000D_ Frankenstein_x000D_ The Mortal Immortal..._x000D_ Gaston Leroux:_x000D_ The Phantom of the Opera_x000D_ Washington Irving:_x000D_ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow_x000D_ Rip Van Winkle..._x000D_ H. P. Lovecraft:_x000D_ The Call of Cthulhu_x000D_ The Dunwich Horror..._x000D_ Henry James:_x000D_ The Turn of the Screw..._x000D_ Arthur Conan Doyle:_x000D_ The Hound of the Baskervilles..._x000D_ Robert Louis Stevenson:_x000D_ Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde..._x000D_ H. G. Wells:_x000D_ The Island of Doctor Moreau_x000D_ Matthew Gregory Lewis:_x000D_ The Monk_x000D_ Ann Radcliffe:_x000D_ The Mysteries of Udolpho_x000D_ Wilkie Collins:_x000D_ The Woman in White_x000D_ The Haunted Hotel_x000D_ The Dead Secret..._x000D_ Charles Dickens:_x000D_ The Mystery of Edwin Drood_x000D_ The Hanged Man's Bride_x000D_ The Haunted House..._x000D_ Oscar Wilde:_x000D_ The Picture of Dorian Gray..._x000D_ Richard Marsh:_x000D_ The Beetle_x000D_ Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu:_x000D_ Carmilla_x000D_ Uncle Silas..._x000D_ Nikolai Gogol:_x000D_ Dead Souls..._x000D_ Rudyard Kipling:_x000D_ The Phantom Rickshaw..._x000D_ James Malcolm Rymer:_x000D_ Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street_x000D_ Robert E. Howard:_x000D_ Cthulhu Mythos_x000D_ The Weird Menace Stories..._x000D_ M. R. James:_x000D_ Ghost Stories of an Antiquary_x000D_ A Thin Ghost and Others_x000D_ John Meade Falkner:_x000D_ The Nebuly Coat_x000D_ The Lost Stradivarius_x000D_ Nathaniel Hawthorne:_x000D_ Rappaccini's Daughter_x000D_ The Birth Mark..._x000D_ Lucy Maud Montgomery:_x000D_ The Closed Door_x000D_ The Red Room..._x000D_ Edith Nesbit:_x000D_ The Ebony Frame_x000D_ From the Dead_x000D_ Jane Austen:_x000D_ Northanger Abbey_x000D_ Charlotte Brontë:_x000D_ Jane Eyre_x000D_ Emily Brontë:_x000D_ Wuthering Heights_x000D_ Mary Louisa Molesworth:_x000D_ The Shadow in the Moonlight..._x000D_ John Buchan:_x000D_ The Wind in the Portico_x000D_ Witch Wood_x000D_ Cleveland Moffett:_x000D_ The Mysterious Card_x000D_ Possessed_x000D_ George W. M. Reynolds:_x000D_ Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf_x000D_ Lafcadio Hearn:_x000D_ A Ghost..._x000D_ Jerome K. Jerome:_x000D_ Told After Supper_x000D_ Catherine Crowe:_x000D_ Ghosts and Family Legends_x000D_ H. H. Munro:_x000D_ The Wolves of Cernogratz_x000D_ John Kendrick Bangs:_x000D_ Ghosts That Have Haunted Me_x000D_ Francis Marion Crawford:_x000D_ The Dead Smile..._x000D_ Frederick Marryat:_x000D_ The Were-Wolf...

The Silence of Swastika

By Swastika Singh,Dead Writers Club,Lin Xun
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : No Pledge Publishing
  • Isbn : N.a
  • Pages : 200
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reads : 683
  • File Pdf: the-silence-of-swastika.pdf

Book Summary:

The swastika is silent. But it has so much to say. The symbol’s many secrets were revealed by the world-renowned historian Dr. Rex Curry, referenced inside. Dr. Curry’s work is endorsed in “The Silence of Swastika,” a video documentary produced by AKTK in India. The lead reporter confirmed Dr. Curry’s discovery, stating: “It is also claimed that one of the reasons for choosing this symbol was the ‘S’ in Hitler’s party name National Socialist, which is not unreasonable - it is in Hitler’s own book” (at 30:30). The documentarians learned about the swastika from educational outreach programs about Dr. Curry’s academic achievements. They learned that “Hitler didn’t call his symbol a swastika. He called it a Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) because it was a type of cross from the Christian religion.” The documentary is a massive adoption and rehashing of Dr. Curry’s earlier work. The video documentary was produced before Dr. Curry’s latest jaw-dropping revelation, and that is unfortunate. In 2022, Dr. Curry discovered the reason why Hitler renamed his political party (the DAP) to NSDAP - "National Socialist German Workers Party." REASON: because Hitler needed the word "SOCIALIST" in his party's name so that Hitler could use swastikas as "S"-letter shaped logos for "SOCIALIST" as the party's emblem. It is important to note that Hitler didn’t rename his party the “National Christian German Workers Party” nor the “Christian Socialist German Workers Party.” Here are some of the many secrets revealed about the swastika – 1. NEW SWASTIKA DISCOVERY: The swastika is the reason why Hitler renamed his political party from DAP to NSDAP - "National Socialist German Workers Party" - because he needed the word "Socialist" in his party's name so that Hitler could use swastikas as "S"-letter shaped logos for "SOCIALIST" as the party's emblem. The party's name had to fit in Hitler's socialist branding campaign that used the swastika and many other similar alphabetical symbols, including the “SS” and “SA” and “NSV” and “VW” etc. He was selling socialism by selling flags and related merchandise. It resembled the advertising campaign of the American socialist Francis Bellamy. The “new discovery” part includes the fact that the public doesn’t know that Hitler’s use of the swastika as alphabetical symbolism is a reason why he changed the name of the party (adding the word “socialist”). The new discovery is also that it is additional proof that Hitler employed the swastika as alphabetical symbolism of “S”-letter shapes for his socialism. The discoveries are from the historian Dr. Rex Curry’s work. 2. NEW LENIN’S SWASTIKA REVELATION: Vladimir Lenin’s swastika is exposed herein. The impact of Lenin’s swastikas was reinforced at that time with additional swastikas on ruble money (paper currency). The swastika became a symbol of socialism under Lenin. It’s influence upon Adolf Hitler is explained in this book. 3. Hitler altered his own signature to reflect his “S-shapes for socialism” logo branding. 4. Hitler never used the word “swastika” in his life. The term “swastika” never appears in the original Mein Kampf. 5. Hitler and his supporters self-identified as “socialists” by the very word in voluminous speeches and writings. The term "Socialist" appears throughout Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” as a self-description by Hitler. 6. Hitler never called himself a "Nazi." There was no “Nazi Germany.” There was no “Nazi Party.” Those terms are slang to hide how Hitler and his comrades self-identified: SOCIALIST. 7. Hitler never called himself a “Fascist.” That term is misused to hide how Hitler and his comrades self-identified: SOCIALIST. 8. The term “Nazi” isn’t in "Mein Kampf" nor in "Triumph of the Will." 9. The term “Fascist” never appears in Mein Kampf as a self-description by Hitler. 10. Soviet socialists and German socialists partnered for International Socialism in 1939. They launched WWII, invading Poland together, and continued onward from there, killing millions. Soviet socialism had signed on for Hitler’s Holocaust. 11. After Hitler’s death, Stalin continued the plan he had made with Hitler for Global Socialism. Stalin took over the same areas that Hitler had captured. He used the same facilities that Hitler had used. Hitler’s Holocaust never ended. Stalin replaced Hitler. 12. Nazi salutes and Nazi behavior originated in the USA from the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.” The pledge was written by an American National Socialist named Francis Bellamy. Francis Bellamy was the cousin of Edward Bellamy, another infamous American National Socialist. They worked together to promote their dogma in the USA. 13. The classic military salute (to the brow) also contributed to the creation of the Nazi salute (with the right-arm extended stiffly). 14. The Bellamy cousins promoted socialist schools that imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official policy. 15. Mussolini was a long-time socialist leader, with a socialist background, raised by socialists to be a socialist, and he joined socialists known as “fascio, fasci, and fascisti.” 16. Fascism came from a socialist (e.g. Mussolini). Communism came from a socialist (e.g. Marx). Fascism and Communism came from socialists.

The Silence of Great Zimbabwe

By Joost Fontein
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1315417197
  • Pages : 264
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 544
  • File Pdf: the-silence-of-great-zimbabwe.pdf

Book Summary:

This book examines the politics of landscape and heritage by focusing on the example of Great Zimbabwe National Monument in southern Zimbabwe. The controversy that surrounded the site in the early part of the 20th century, between colonial antiquarians and professional archaeologists, is well reported in the published literature. Based on long term ethnographic field work around Great Zimbabwe, as well as archival research in NMMZ, in the National Archives of Zimbabwe, and several months of research at the World Heritage Centre in Paris, this new book represents an important step beyond that controversy over origins, to focus on the site's position in local contests between, and among individuals within, the Nemanwa, Charumbira and Mugabe clans over land, power and authority. To justify their claims, chiefs, spirit mediums and elders of each clan make appeals to different, but related, constructions of the past. Emphasising the disappearance of the 'Voice' that used to speak there, these narratives also describe the destruction, alienation and desecration of Great Zimbabwe that occurred, and continues, through the international and national, archaeological and heritage processes and practices by which Great Zimbabwe has become a national and world heritage site today.

The Silent Patient

By Alex Michaelides
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Celadon Books
  • Isbn : 1250301718
  • Pages : 304
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 639
  • File Pdf: the-silent-patient.pdf

Book Summary:

**THE INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER** "An unforgettable—and Hollywood-bound—new thriller... A mix of Hitchcockian suspense, Agatha Christie plotting, and Greek tragedy." —Entertainment Weekly The Silent Patient is a shocking psychological thriller of a woman’s act of violence against her husband—and of the therapist obsessed with uncovering her motive. Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word. Alicia’s refusal to talk, or give any kind of explanation, turns a domestic tragedy into something far grander, a mystery that captures the public imagination and casts Alicia into notoriety. The price of her art skyrockets, and she, the silent patient, is hidden away from the tabloids and spotlight at the Grove, a secure forensic unit in North London. Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who has waited a long time for the opportunity to work with Alicia. His determination to get her to talk and unravel the mystery of why she shot her husband takes him down a twisting path into his own motivations—a search for the truth that threatens to consume him....

The Silence Is Deafening

By Robert Leal Rodriguez
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Isbn : 9781465366832
  • Pages :
  • Category : Poetry
  • Reads : 575
  • File Pdf: the-silence-is-deafening.pdf

Book Summary:

Read and download full book The Silence Is Deafening

The Silence of the White City

By Eva García Sáenz
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
  • Isbn : 1984898604
  • Pages : 400
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 585
  • File Pdf: the-silence-of-the-white-city.pdf

Book Summary:

"You’ll want to race through The Silence of the White City, but it’s best to slow down and savor the full effect of the volatile, intoxicating universe Sáenz has created. This is the first novel of the White City trilogy to be translated into English—the second can’t come fast enough." —AirMail HOW DO YOU STOP A KILLER WHO'S ALWAYS TWO STEPS AHEAD? A madman is holding Vitoria hostage, killing its citizens in brutal ways and staging the bodies. The city's only hope is a brilliant detective struggling to battle his own demons. Inspector Unai López de Ayala, known as "Kraken," is charged with investigating a series of ritualistic murders. The killings are eerily similar to ones that terrorized the citizens of Vitoria twenty years earlier. But back then, police were sure they had discovered the killer, a prestigious archaeologist who is currently in jail. Now Kraken must race to determine whether the killer had an accomplice or if the wrong man has been incarcerated for two decades. This fast-paced, unrelenting thriller weaves in and out of the mythology and legends of the Basque country as it hurtles to its shocking conclusion.

The Complete Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, This Side of Paradise, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Beautiful and Damned, The Love of the Last Tycoon and many more stories…

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : e-artnow
  • Isbn : 8026802438
  • Pages : 4158
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 361
  • File Pdf: the-complete-works-of-f-scott-fitzgerald.pdf

Book Summary:

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. This eBook offers you the unique opportunity of exploring F. Scott Fitzgerald's work in a manner never before possible in digital print. The edition includes every Fitzgerald story collection, short story, with poems and non-fiction. Table of Contents: Stories 1909–17 This Side of Paradise Flappers and Philosophers Stories 1920–25 The Beautiful and Damned Tales of the Jazz Age The Vegetable The Great Gatsby All the Sad Young Men Stories 1926–34 Tender is the Night Taps at Reveille Stories 1935–40 The Love of the Last Tycoon Stories 1941– The Pat Hobby Stories Miscellaneous Writings Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (1896 – 1940) was an American author of novels and short stories, whose works are the paradigmatic writings of the Jazz Age, a term he coined. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

The Voyageur Modern Canadian Literature 5-Book Bundle

By Hugh Garner,James Reaney,Robin Skelton,Germaine Warkentin,Scott Symons
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dundurn
  • Isbn : 145972903X
  • Pages : 1896
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 368
  • File Pdf: the-voyageur-modern-canadian-literature-5-book-bundle.pdf

Book Summary:

Voyageur Classics is a series of special versions of Canadian classics, with added material and new introductions. In this bundle we find five classic works of twentieth century fiction, drama and poetry, a period when Canada’s literary identity was shaped. Originally published in 1962, The Silence on the Shore is considered by many critics to be renowned Hugh Garner’s best, most ambitious novel. Originally published in 1967, Combat Journal for Place d’Armes was initially met with shock and anger by most reviewers but has become a literary touchstone. The Donnellys tells the tale of a secret society and a massacre that shocked the Canadian public, a story overlooked by the artistic community until Reaney’s 1975 play elevated the events to the level of legend. In This Poem I Am presents the best of poet Robin Skelton’s adventurous poetry. And Exploration Literature is a groundbreaking collection of early writing inspired by the opening of a continent, an entry point into the beginnings of a literate response to the awe and wonder inspired by an unfolding geography. Includes Canadian Exploration Literature Combat Journal for Place d’Armes The Donnellys In This Poem I Am The Silence on the Shore

Out Of The Silence

By Owen Mullen
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Boldwood Books Ltd
  • Isbn : 1801620865
  • Pages :
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 221
  • File Pdf: out-of-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

When British investigative reporter Ralph Buchanan is sent to Pakistan, he figures his best days are behind him. But he’s about to embark on a story that will change his life forever. In the Punjab region, Dr Simone Jasnin listens to an abused woman’s harrowing story just before she dies. Afra’s tale of sadistic cruelty is an all too common one in the region, but Dr Jasnin is determined not to let Afra’s story die with her—and she goes to Buchanan for help exposing the injustice. Seven years later, members of a prominent Pakistani family are being brutally murdered, one by one. The only clues are the hand-carved wooden bangles left at the scene of each crime. As the list of suspects grows and authorities come up short, Buchanan realizes the solution to the deadly riddle might be closer to home than he ever thought possible. It’s a story that could make his name... but at what cost? Owen Mullen is a best-selling author of psychological and gangland thrillers. His fast-paced, twist-aplenty stories are perfect for all fans of Lee Child, Ian Rankin and Harlan Coben. What readers say about Owen Mullen: 'Owen Mullen knows how to ramp up the action just when it’s needed... he never fails to give you hard-hitting thrillers that have moments that will stay with you forever...' 'One of the very best thriller writers I have ever read.' 'Owen Mullen writes a good story, he really brings his characters to life and the endings are hard to guess and never what you expected.'

Autobiography of a Female Slave

By Martha Griffith Browne
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Isbn : EAN:4057664605542
  • Pages : 402
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 945
  • File Pdf: autobiography-of-a-female-slave.pdf

Book Summary:

"Autobiography of a Female Slave" by Martha Griffith Browne. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Silence

By Don DeLillo
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1982164573
  • Pages : 128
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 930
  • File Pdf: the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

From the National Book Award–winning author of Underworld, a “daring…provocative…exquisite” (The Washington Post) novel about five people gathered together in a Manhattan apartment, in the midst of a catastrophic event. It is Super Bowl Sunday in the year 2022. Five people, dinner, an apartment on the east side of Manhattan. The retired physics professor and her husband and her former student waiting for the couple who will join them from what becomes a dramatic flight from Paris. The conversation ranges from a survey telescope in North-central Chile to a favorite brand of bourbon to Einstein’s 1912 Manuscript on the Special Theory of Relativity. Then something happens and the digital connections that have transformed our lives are severed. What follows is a “brilliant and astonishing…masterpiece” (Chicago Tribune) about what makes us human. Don DeLillo completed this novel just weeks before the advent of the Covid pandemic. His language, the dazzle of his sentences offer a kind of solace in our bewildering world. “DeLillo’s shrewd, darkly comic observations about the extravagance and alienation of contemporary life can still slice like a scalpel” (Entertainment Weekly). “In this wry and cutting meditation on collective loss, a rupture severs us, suddenly, from everything we’ve come to rely on. The Silence seems to absorb DeLillo’s entire body of work and sand it into stone or crystal.” —Rachel Kushner

Beware The Silence: 560+ Horror Classics, Macabre Tales & Supernatural Mysteries

By Théophile Gautier,Richard Marsh,H. P. Lovecraft,H. G. Wells,Edgar Allan Poe,Henry James,Hugh Walpole,M. R. James,Wilkie Collins,E. F. Benson,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Ambrose Bierce,Arthur Machen,William Hope Hodgson,Arthur Conan Doyle,Grant Allen,Mary Shelley,Bram Stoker,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,Thomas Hardy,Charles Dickens,Rudyard Kipling,Guy de Maupassant,Elizabeth Gaskell,Mark Twain,Daniel Defoe,Jerome K. Jerome,Fitz-James O'Brien,Catherine Crowe,Émile Erckmann,Alexandre Chatrian,Pedro De Alarçon,Amelia B. Edwards,Washington Irving,John Meade Falkner,Harriet Beecher Stowe,Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,Louisa M. Alcott,Edith Nesbit,Mary Louisa Molesworth,Francis Marion Crawford,John Kendrick Bangs,John Buchan,Sabine Baring-Gould,Cleveland Moffett,Louis Tracy,Nikolai Gogol,James Malcolm Rymer,Thomas Peckett Prest,Frederick Marryat,Oscar Wilde,Robert Louis Stevenson,Charlotte Perkins Gilman,W. W. Jacobs,H. H. Munro (Saki),Wilhelm Hauff,Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Robert W. Chambers,Edward Bulwer-Lytton,Thomas De Quincey,William Makepeace Thackeray,E. T. A. Hoffmann,Robert E. Howard,David Lindsay,Marie Belloc Lowndes,Edward Bellamy,Jack London,Pliny the Younger,Helena Blavatsky,Fergus Hume,Florence Marryat,Villiers de l'Isle Adam,William Archer,William F. Harvey,Katherine Rickford,Ralph Adams Cram,Leopold Kompert,Brander Matthews,Vincent O'Sullivan,Ellis Parker Butler,A. T. Quiller-Couch,Fiona Macleod,Lafcadio Hearn,William T. Stead,Gambier Bolton,Andrew Jackson Davis,Nizida,Walter F. Prince,Chester Bailey Fernando,Leonard Kip,Frank R. Stockton,Bithia Mary Croker,Catherine L. Pirkis,Leonid Andreyev,Anatole France,Richard Le Gallienne,Lucy Maud Montgomery,Stanley G. Weinbaum,Horace Walpole,William Thomas Beckford,Matthew Gregory Lewis,Ann Radcliffe,Jane Austen,John William Polidori,Charlotte Brontë,Emily Brontë,Walter Hubbell,George W. M. Reynolds,M. P. Shiel,Adelbert von Chamisso
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : e-artnow
  • Isbn : 8026898265
  • Pages : 23189
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Reads : 403
  • File Pdf: beware-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

e-artnow presents you this meticulously edited horror collection carefully selected gothic classics, greatest supernatural mysteries, ghost stories and macabre tales: Introduction: Supernatural Horror in Literature by H. P. Lovecraft Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Heart The Murders in the Rue Morgue… Bram Stoker: Dracula The Jewel of Seven Stars… Mary Shelley: Frankenstein The Mortal Immortal… Gaston Leroux: The Phantom of the Opera Washington Irving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Rip Van Winkle… H. P. Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu The Dunwich Horror… Henry James: The Turn of the Screw… Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles… Robert Louis Stevenson: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde… H. G. Wells: The Island of Doctor Moreau Matthew Gregory Lewis: The Monk Ann Radcliffe: The Mysteries of Udolpho Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White The Haunted Hotel The Dead Secret… Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood The Hanged Man's Bride The Haunted House… Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray… Richard Marsh: The Beetle Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: Carmilla Uncle Silas… Nikolai Gogol: Dead Souls… Rudyard Kipling: The Phantom Rickshaw… James Malcolm Rymer: Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street Robert E. Howard: Cthulhu Mythos The Weird Menace Stories… M. R. James: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary A Thin Ghost and Others John Meade Falkner: The Nebuly Coat The Lost Stradivarius Nathaniel Hawthorne: Rappaccini's Daughter The Birth Mark… Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Closed Door The Red Room… Edith Nesbit: The Ebony Frame From the Dead Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights Mary Louisa Molesworth: The Shadow in the Moonlight… John Buchan: The Wind in the Portico Witch Wood Cleveland Moffett: The Mysterious Card Possessed George W. M. Reynolds: Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf Lafcadio Hearn: A Ghost… Jerome K. Jerome: Told After Supper Catherine Crowe: Ghosts and Family Legends H. H. Munro: The Wolves of Cernogratz John Kendrick Bangs: Ghosts That Have Haunted Me Francis Marion Crawford: The Dead Smile… Frederick Marryat: The Were-Wolf…

Into the Silence

By Wade Davis
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Knopf Canada
  • Isbn : 0307401855
  • Pages : 672
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 694
  • File Pdf: into-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

A magnificent work of history, biography and adventure. If the quest for Mount Everest began as a grand imperial gesture, as redemption for an empire of explorers that had lost the race to the Poles, it ended as a mission of regeneration for a country and a people bled white by war. Of the twenty-six British climbers who, on three expedtions (1921-24), walked 400 miles off the map to find and assault the highest mountain on Earth, twenty had seen the worst of the fighting. Six had been severely wounded, two others nearly died of disease at the Front, one was hospitalized twice with shell shock. Three as army surgeons dealt for the duration with the agonies of the dying. Two lost brothers, killed in action. All had endured the slaughter, the coughing of the guns, the bones and barbed wire, the white faces of the dead. In a monumental work of history and adventure, ten years in the writing, Wade Davis asks not whether George Mallory was the first to reach the summit of Everest, but rather why he kept on climbing on that fateful day. His answer lies in a single phrase uttered by one of the survivors as they retreated from the mountain: "The price of life is death." Mallory walked on because for him, as for all of his generation, death was but "a frail barrier that men crossed, smiling and gallant, every day." As climbers they accepted a degree of risk unimaginable before the war. They were not cavalier, but death was no stranger. They had seen so much of it that it had no hold on them. What mattered was how one lived, the moments of being alive. For all of them Everest had become an exalted radiance, a sentinel in the sky, a symbol of hope in a world gone mad.

Splinter the Silence

By Val McDermid
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Isbn : 1443449830
  • Pages : 416
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 201
  • File Pdf: splinter-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

From the author of the #1 bestsellers The Retribution and The Skeleton Road: the next novel in internationally renowned crime writer Val McDermid’s hugely successful Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, centered on a series of high-profile “suicides” of outspoken women who were the targets of vicious cyberbullying up until their deaths. Widely recognized as one of our finest crime writers, with numerous accolades and legions of devoted readers worldwide, Val McDermid is back with the latest installment in her much beloved series featuring psychologist Tony Hill and former police detective Carol Jordan. Splinter the Silence is an adrenaline-fueled roller coaster guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat: a masterful novel centered on the mysterious deaths of several women who were the victims of vicious cyberbullying. Is it violence if it’s virtual? The outspoken women targeted by the increasingly cruel Internet trolls and bullies would probably say so. For some of them, the torrents of bile and vicious threats prove too much. They begin to silence themselves in a series of high-profile suicides. Or do they? Tony Hill isn’t convinced. But he’s the only one. Former cop Carol Jordan is too busy messing up her life to care. Until she gets an unexpected second chance. Now it’s game on, and the stakes have never been higher. Unpredictable and unputdownable, Splinter the Silence is a must-read that cements Val McDermid’s place as one of the best crime writers in the business.

The Fourth Monkey

By J. D. Barker
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Isbn : 0544969944
  • Pages : 448
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 367
  • File Pdf: the-fourth-monkey.pdf

Book Summary:

The first in the 4MK Thriller series comes a dark and twisting novel from the author Jeffrey Deaver called "a talented writer with a delightfully delicious mind." Two days to save her . . . For over five years, the Four Monkey Killer has terrorized the residents of Chicago. When his body is found, the police quickly realize he was on his way to deliver one final message, one which proves he has taken another victim who may still be alive. One day . . . As the lead investigator on the 4MK task force, Detective Sam Porter knows that even in death, the killer is far from finished. When he discovers a personal diary in the jacket pocket of the body, Porter finds himself caught up in the mind of a psychopath, unraveling a twisted history in hopes of finding one last girl, all while struggling with personal demons of his own. Zero. With only a handful of clues, the elusive killer’s identity remains a mystery. Time is running out as the Four Monkey Killer taunts from beyond the grave in this masterfully written fast-paced thriller.

The Crime and the Silence

By Anna Bikont
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • Isbn : 0374710325
  • Pages : 560
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 590
  • File Pdf: the-crime-and-the-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award in the Holocaust category A monumental work of nonfiction on a wartime atrocity, its sixty-year denial, and the impact of its truth Jan Gross's hugely controversial Neighbors was a historian's disclosure of the events in the small Polish town of Jedwabne on July 10, 1941, when the citizens rounded up the Jewish population and burned them alive in a barn. The massacre was a shocking secret that had been suppressed for more than sixty years, and it provoked the most important public debate in Poland since 1989. From the outset, Anna Bikont reported on the town, combing through archives and interviewing residents who survived the war period. Her writing became a crucial part of the debate and she herself an actor in a national drama. Part history, part memoir, The Crime and the Silence is the journalist's account of these events: both the story of the massacre told through oral histories of survivors and witnesses, and a portrait of a Polish town coming to terms with its dark past. Including the perspectives of both heroes and perpetrators, Bikont chronicles the sources of the hatred that exploded against Jews and asks what myths grow on hidden memories, what destruction they cause, and what happens to a society that refuses to accept a horrific truth. A profoundly moving exploration of being Jewish in modern Poland that Julian Barnes called "one of the most chilling books," The Crime and the Silence is a vital contribution to Holocaust history and a fascinating story of a town coming to terms with its dark past.

The Art of Mindful Silence

By Adam Ford
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Ivy Press
  • Isbn : 1908005157
  • Pages : 144
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reads : 364
  • File Pdf: the-art-of-mindful-silence.pdf

Book Summary:

The Art of Mindful Silence explores our existential search for mindful solitude, what it can mean, and how we can all benefit from peaceful solace. Silence-seeker Adam Ford wisely interrogates the quiet spaces and pauses in life, drawing upon the spirtual use of solitude in religious traditions from Native American intitiation ceremonies to Christian hermitages. He examines the creative power of silence as a source of inner strength and self-knowledge, and also reveals its darker side when used as a political or relationship weapon. Through personal anecdote and practical daily meditations, The Art of Mindful Silence shows how we can all find moments of soothing peace to nourish our spirits in an increasingly chaotic world.

Silence in the Land of Logos

By Silvia Montiglio
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Isbn : 9781400823765
  • Pages : 360
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 175
  • File Pdf: silence-in-the-land-of-logos.pdf

Book Summary:

In ancient Greece, the spoken word connoted power, whether in the free speech accorded to citizens or in the voice of the poet, whose song was thought to know no earthly bounds. But how did silence fit into the mental framework of a society that valued speech so highly? Here Silvia Montiglio provides the first comprehensive investigation into silence as a distinctive and meaningful phenomenon in archaic and classical Greece. Arguing that the notion of silence is not a universal given but is rather situated in a complex network of associations and values, Montiglio seeks to establish general principles for understanding silence through analyses of cultural practices, including religion, literature, and law. Unlike the silence of a Christian before an ineffable God, which signifies the uselessness of words, silence in Greek religion paradoxically expresses the power of logos--for example, during prayer and sacrifice, it serves as a shield against words that could offend the gods. Montiglio goes on to explore silence in the world of the epic hero, where words are equated with action and their absence signals paralysis or tension in power relationships. Her other examples include oratory, a practice in which citizens must balance their words with silence in very complex ways in order to show that they do not abuse their right to speak. Inquiries into lyric poetry, drama, medical writings, and historiography round out this unprecedented study, revealing silence as a force in its own right.

Silent Films/Loud Music

By Phillip Johnston
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Isbn : 1501366416
  • Pages : 248
  • Category : Music
  • Reads : 314
  • File Pdf: silent-films-loud-music.pdf

Book Summary:

Silent Films/Loud Music discusses contemporary scores for silent film as a rich vehicle for experimentation in the relationship between music, image, and narrative. Johnston offers an overview of the early history of music for silent film paired with his own first-hand view of the craft of creating new original scores for historical silent films: a unique form crossing musical boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, electronic, and folk. As the first book completely devoted to the study of contemporary scores for silent film, it tells the story of the historical and creative evolution of this art form and features an extended discussion and analysis of some of the most creative works of contemporary silent film scoring. Johnston draws upon his own career in both contemporary film music (working with directors Paul Mazursky, Henry Bean, Philip Haas and Doris Dörrie, among others) and in creating new scores for silent films by Browning, Méliès, Kinugasa, Murnau & Reiniger. Through this book, Johnston presents a discussion of music for silent films that contradicts long-held assumptions about what silent film music is and must be, with thought-provoking implications for both historical and contemporary film music.

On Mystery, Ineffability, Silence and Musical Symbolism

By Laurence Wuidar
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Isbn : 1350228818
  • Pages : 192
  • Category : Religion
  • Reads : 753
  • File Pdf: on-mystery-ineffability-silence-and-musical-symbolism.pdf

Book Summary:

Collecting together numerous examples of Augustine's musical imagery in action, Laurence Wuidar reconstructs the linguistic laboratory and the hermeneutics in which he worked. Sensitive and poetical, this volume is a reminder that the metaphor of music can give access not only to human interiority, but allow the human mind to achieve proximity to the divine mind. Composed by one of Europe's leading musicologists now engaging an English-speaking audience for the first time, this book is a candid exploration of Wuidar's expertise. Drawing on her long knowledge of music and the occult, from antiquity to modernity, Wuidar particularly focuses upon Augustine's working methods while refusing to be distracted by questions of faith or morality. The result is an open and at times frightening vista on the powers that be, and our complex need to commune with them.